The Klamann Law Firm Files Suit Against the NCAA, Coaches & Helmet Manufacturer in Connection with the Death of Derek Sheely

Derek Sheely, a 22-year-old college fullback at Frostburg State, died six days after collapsing during a practice two years ago.

Sheely had been bleeding from his forehead after a drill in which his coaches encouraged players to lead with their helmets. Sheely collapsed soon after, and never regained consciousness.

The lawsuit, filed on behalf of Derek’s family by Paul D. Anderson of The Klamann Law Firm, together with The Popham Law Firm and the law firm of Humphrey, Farrington & McClain, alleges “utter incompetence, egregious misconduct, false hope and a reckless disregard for player health and safety.”

Paul D. Anderson is dedicated to advocating for the victims of traumatic brain injury. Former players currently suffering from early-onset dementia and other neurodegenerative diseases should seek workers’ compensation, the 88 Plan, and/or Neuro-Cognitive Benefits. If you are a former athlete interested in discussing your rights, you can contact Paul D. Anderson at the Klamann Law Firm.

A copy of the Sheely Complaint can be found by clicking the following link. File-Stamped-Sheely-Complaint-copy.

Additional information can be found by visiting

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